5 Tips for Capturing Superior Audio When Filming With Your Smartphone

Video content has become an indispensable tool for communications professionals. Whether it's an internal company announcement, a sales pitch, or a marketing campaign, the quality of your video can make or break your message. And while visuals are crucial, audio quality often plays an equally, if not more, significant role in conveying your message effectively. With the rise of smartphones as a convenient and accessible filming device, understanding how to capture superior audio is essential. 

1. Tailor Your Smartphone's Audio to Your Needs

Before hitting the record button, it's vital to consider the type of audio you're aiming to capture. Are you recording a one-on-one interview? A talking head for an internal communications announcement? Or perhaps you're documenting ambient sounds, like the applause at a company event or the background chatter of a bustling office.

Your audio type will influence whether you can rely on your smartphone's built-in microphone or if you need to invest in a dedicated external microphone. For intimate interviews or talking heads, an external microphone can offer clarity. In contrast, for ambient sounds, your phone's built-in mic might suffice, especially if it's a spontaneous capture.

2. Set the Stage for Clear Audio

Your surroundings play a pivotal role in audio capture. Background noises, such as the hum of an air conditioner or the distant chatter from another room, can be particularly intrusive when using a smartphone's built-in mic.

Indoor Recordings

For indoor recordings, seek out a quiet space. If you're in an office setting, a conference room might be ideal. Be wary of echoes, which can distort sound. Soft furnishings, like curtains or carpets, can help dampen echoes.

Outdoor Recordings

For those venturing outdoors, the challenges are different. The rustling of leaves or the distant hum of traffic can add ambiance, but the wind can be a formidable foe. A gust of wind can cause a disruptive noise. If you're using an external microphone, consider investing in a deadcat windscreen. If that's not at hand, try to position yourself in a wind-sheltered spot, like beside a building.

3. Discover the Magic of Lapel Mics

For professionals, especially those in HR or sales who often communicate directly to the camera, a lapel mic can be a game-changer. These tiny devices clip onto your clothing near your mouth, ensuring that your voice is captured clearly, minimizing surrounding noises.

When using a lapel mic, it's crucial to monitor audio levels. Overly loud sounds can result in peaking or clipping, leading to distorted audio. Adjust the mic's sensitivity to ensure a clear sound that's free from distortion.

4. Avoid Common Audio Pitfalls

To truly grasp the importance of good audio, let's consider some examples.

What is Clipping?

Clipping occurs when the audio signal is too strong, leading to a harsh, distorted sound.

What is Distortion?

Distortion, on the other hand, can make the audio sound muffled or unclear. Both can detract from your video's professionalism, making your message hard to understand.

5. Gear Up for Greatness

While smartphones are powerful, pairing them with the right gear can elevate your audio game. From noise-canceling microphones to windscreens, the market is brimming with tools designed to enhance audio capture.

Check out our recommended gear list for some of our top choices:

DJI Wireless Lavalier Mic
Rode VideoMicro
Shure MVL Lavalier Microphone
Rode Wireless GO


In Conclusion

In the world of video production, achieving a harmonious balance between visual and audio elements is essential. For business professionals, it's not just about delivering a clear message, but ensuring that the entire presentation captivates the audience. With the right techniques and tools, your smartphone emerges as a comprehensive tool, adept at delivering both visual brilliance and exceptional audio quality.

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