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Memorable Moments: Professional Highlight Videos with Quick Turnaround

Lucihub empowers wedding and event planners, videographers, and photographers to elevate their clients' experiences by effortlessly delivering professional video content. Impress clients with finely crafted and shareable memories within 24 hours.  Simply film with your smartphone and Lucihub does the rest. 

How Lucihub Helps You Increase Business Without Increasing Overhead

Lucihub simplifies the video production process, delivering an effortless, cost-effective, and efficient path to preserving an event's precious moments.
Address Your Clients Social Media Demands

Tackle the growing demand to share special events and memories on social media before the hype dies. Let Lucihub's professional editors prepare your 60-second sizzle reel for sharing within 24 hours on any platform, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

How the Lucihub Video Production Platform Works

Transform your smartphone* videos into a 60-second sizzle in 4 easy steps…

1) Create a Project
2) Invite Collaborators
3) Film & Upload to Our Cloud
4) Get Pro Edited Video Within 24 Hours

*DSLR footage option available

Enhance Your Service and Increase Profits

Elevate your company's uniqueness and product offerings with Lucihub. We manage the workload efficiently and streamline content delivery at a cost-effective rate, allowing you to focus on business growth, cultivating client relationships, and staying ahead of the competition.

Efficient Marketing
Adaptability for Different Events
Filmed on smartphones, powered by Lucihub
Explore our 60-Second Wedding Event Sizzle Packages with video delivery in just 24 hours. Reach out to our sales team to explore customized pricing solutions tailored specifically for you.


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