About Lucihub

Creating Video Content at the Speed of Life

At Lucihub, our mission is simple: to create and deliver professionally edited video content when it matters most and before the hype dies.  We've combined our passion for tech and creativity to build a platform that stands on it's own.

Fast, Seamless, and Accessible

The surge in video consumption poses a significant challenge for businesses as they struggle with the substantial costs associated with producing high quality videos efficiently and timely enough to meet the expectations of their audiences. At Lucihub, we are redefining the video creation experience. Founded with a bold vision, Lucihub was born out of a need  to create professional video content quickly, affordably, and at scale. 

Meet our Leadership Team

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Amer Tadayon


Amer is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in the media and technology sectors. With a successful track record as an executive and entrepreneur, he has held leadership positions in prominent companies like IBM, Cognizant, and frog design. Amer’s exceptional leadership skills have driven growth and fostered innovation throughout his career. Leveraging his comprehensive understanding of the media and technology landscape, he’s been the driving force behind the innovation at Lucihub.
Tim Square

Tim Huckaby


With 35 years of experience in the technology industry, Tim is a veteran in the field. His expertise spans various cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, Data Visualization, and Edge computing. His impressive background as a Microsoft Global RD and AI MVP demonstrates his deep knowledge and contributions to the industry. His technical prowess and comprehensive understanding of these advanced technologies make him a valuable member of the team.
Mark Bella

Mark Bella


Mark brings a fresh and creative perspective to innovating work flows without compromising quality. With over 20 years of experience as an acclaimed filmmaker, he has consistently delivered top-notch productions. Mark is a pioneer in the evolution of short form content He is also credited with introducing the groundbreaking "pr-editor" workflow to the MTV ecosystem, showcasing his commitment to innovation and streamlining processes. His work with major brands includes MTV, Nike, Red Bull, and Honda.
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Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer is a distinguished leader in the media and entertainment sector with over two decades of experience. Her journey includes senior roles at Universal Pictures, Netflix, and Dale Carnegie, where she excelled in sales and marketing and gained deep insights into media production.

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