For Videographers

Enhance your Creativity, Increase Productivity

Lucihub empowers videographers by offering a time-saving, collaborative, and technologically advanced solution for video production, allowing them to excel in a competitive landscape.
The Problem

Conquering Content Challenges

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, businesses face the challenge of meeting the growing demand for quality video content.
Lengthy Editing Process

Videographers struggle with focusing more on the creative aspects of their work rather than spending hours on manual editing. Lucihub automates the editing process, saving videographers significant time and effort. 


Videographers often have to think outside the box to increase profitability. With Lucihub’s cost-effective pricing and rapid delivery, it can help increase opportunities and revenue for these individuals.

Access to Technology

Videographers can leverage Lucihub’s advanced editing features without the need for extensive technical skills. This democratizes access to professional editing tools, allowing videographers to enhance the quality of their work.

Lengthy Editing Process
Access to Technology
The Solution

Empowering our Customers to be their own Storytellers

The new mobile app allows teams to use their own smartphones to film and upload to the Lucihub cloud. The platform’s professional editing team handles the rest. In hours, a professionally edited video is delivered that includes graphics, music, and company branding, eliminating the typical back and forth that often delays the traditional production process.
Empowering our Customers
How it works

Lucihub Takes you from Phone to Final

Tell your brand’s story from every angle through the lens of your teams mobile devices. Easily transform your videos into short stories in 4 easy steps.
How it works

Navigating Setbacks

Tell your brand’s story from every angle through the lens of your teams mobile devices and elevate your production game with our AI powered video production platform. Lucihub helps you craft stunning professional videos in just hours.
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